Me watching American Horror Story
1 minute in: This is fucked up
10 minutes in: That's fucked up
25 minutes in: The fuck man
End of episode: This some fucked up shit man
Clicks "Next Episode"
cockyyetcharming said: Wanna help me drink the memory of that avril lavigne video away? My mind hurts

haha i started on the coconut rum not long after. in the words on mamrie hart (who you should defo youtube) “i’m halfway to drunk and i aint no quitter” 

The other night was the weirdest and most hilarious night out i’ve had in a long time
mamrie is quickly becoming a favorite of mine 


i cant stress how much i dont care if you smoke weed

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hannibal gets so offended of being accused of things he actually did

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willam’s beatdown is my new fave thing

come over for a cuppa?
opps spilled some

"Danneel and JJ are good. I just face time them like 10 minutes ago and i said ‘all right then, i would probably not talk to you until tomorrow, so, adios’ (smiling and waving) and JJ waved to me and smiled and then turned around and grabbed the dog’s tail"


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"Nothing is sexier than someone who wants you as much as you want them."
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if you think i’m ugly now you should have seen me in 2009

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